✨ Secure your applications with Two-Factor Authentication and One Time Passwords for your end-users from our application without effort ✨

🎉  Beta release

We're live on beta version! For the beta release, users and companies will have a 50% discount on volume pricing.
If you would like to know more, please reach out on OTPfy's Twitterarrow-up


Keep your users and application flows secure with Two-Factor Authentication and One Time Passwords.


Pay-as-you-go is the way; pay only for what you actually consume with generous volume discounts.


Only use our OTPfy mobile app and a call to our REST API with your private token.

Pay-as-you-go pricing with volume discounts

No flat fees, no subscriptions, just pay as you go and for what you actually consume and get additional discounts for committed usage as you scale.

Up toPrice per requestExample pricing
1000 requests
0,08 €
For 1.000 requests you pay 80,00 €
10.000 requests
0,06 €
For 10.000 requests you pay 600,00 €
100.000 requests
0,04 €
For 100.000 requests you pay 4000,00 €
Unlimited requests
0,02 €
For 1.000.000 requests you pay 20.000,00 €